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We celebrated Old Home Day in our little town yesterday, a gathering of present and past residents of the town, year round and seasonal.

Yours truly participated starting with the Old Home Day parade in the morning through the opening ceremony at noon, and the on to they various events, booths, foodstuffs, and other sundries until about 3PM.

The WP Mom and the older WP sister also participated, handling jewelry sales at the local church's fair which coincides with Old Home Day.

I did miss the fireworks last evening, getting involved with something at home and losing track of time. I realized I has missed them when I heard the first salvos echoing off of the surrounding hills.
I have to say I thought there were more people attending this year if the crowd lining the streets during the parade were any indication.


Gee, is Obama going to do for 401(k) retirement accounts what he's done for health care? It certainly seems that way as it appears he's having the Department of Labor working towards nationalizing them in order to 'punish' retirement plan service providers despite court rulings that ban the government from doing just that.

Then again, Obama has never worried about little things like laws, courts, or the Constitution, nor have the heads of federal agencies under his watch.

Can you say "crony capitalism"?


You know the DNC is either totally out of touch or seriously deranged after it wrote a "slobbering letter to Obama, supporting his Iran deal."

As more Democrats in the House and Senate are backing away from this awful deal, the DNC wants to go forward with it, allowing an avowed enemy of the US to attain nuclear weapons we know they will use as soon as it becomes advantageous for them to do so.


What she said.

No, cupcake, there is no right to not be offended.

I swear... our society has become this bizarre caricature of itself, where everyone is searching for something to be outraged about, anything that will allow them to whine and claim racism... or offense... or microaggression... or some other perceived offense.

Somehow these fragile snowflakes believe that only they have rights and that their actions against those who offend them may actually offend the people they feel offended by. I think they call that being a spoiled brat. Too bad no one has had the balls to call them on it and show them just how spoiled and weak they really are.

Welcome to the real world.


By way of Glenn Reynolds comes an offshoot of the problem above, with the University of Tennessee telling staff and students to stop using 'he' and 'she' and to use gender-neutral pronouns instead.

These people have got to stop pounding back "the PC Kool-Aid" and get an effin' clue.


I find this to be an intriguing question.

Is it time to bring back the battleship?

While the days of battleships slugging it out against each other pretty much ended for good in WWII, particularly with the advent of the aircraft carrier, there are some advantages of having capital ships that can withstand heavy weapons fire. One of those advantages is the ability carry more weapons and systems than many of the existing ships.

Big ships with heavy armor are unlikely to solve the A2/AD [anti-access/area-denial] dilemma.  However, big ships with effective systems of defense components, combined with a large number of extremely lethal offensive systems, can go a long way toward defeating a system of anti-access systems. In this sense, the "battleship" could return, although it will play a role more like a classic monitor (intended to fight against shore-based systems) than a line-of-battle-ship. And these new "battleships" will survive less because of their ability to absorb hits, than to avoid hits altogether.

I remember when a number of people inside the Beltway criticized Ronald Reagan when he ordered the reactivation and upgrading of the four Iowa class battleships - the Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin - not too long after the Falkland Islands war between Argentina and Great Britain. The argument was that modern anti-ship missiles would make short work of battleships, particular after seeing what Argentina's Exocet missiles did to the HMS Sheffield and a few other British Navy ships. But those ships were tin cans compared to the Iowa class ships which had 18 inches of belt armor, double hulls, and were designed to go up against the 18 inch guns of the Japanese Yamato class battleships and survive. But the anti-ship missiles didn't have the penetrating power of 18 inch armor piercing rounds. It was more likely a deckhand would be sent out with a broom to sweep the missile debris off the deck after it bounced off the armor plating. While newer missile systems carry more punch and can perform so-called 'pop-up' terminal maneuvers to try and penetrate through decks rather than hull plating, properly designed armor can help minimize damage from this kind of hit.


It appears Progressives have a different definition of the word "sustainable" that in no way resembles the one in our copy of Webster's. In this case, "sustainable" means "to greatly increase the cost of", used as a means of destroying our previous health care system by making it so expensive that no one can afford it. They will, of course, then replace with a slightly less expensive system that provides no actual care, forces health care professionals out of health care, and end up with resembling the National Health Service of Great Britain which provides neither health or service.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is quickly winding down, schools have reopened, but where summer camps and cottages are still open.
Reading this 2000 World Net Daily article by Lawrence Auster reminds us how un--conservative were liberal Bob Dole and Hispanic-pandering George Bush:

Just as Dole at the 1996 Convention showed his liberal colors when he declared that the Republican party is rife with unspecified "haters" for whom "the exits are clearly marked," W. has unambiguously demonstrated his allegiance to the liberal policies of open borders and multiculturalism, characterizing everyone who dissents from those policies as driven by "resentment" and implying that they have no place in the Republican party.

This analysis is fifteen years old! When we didn't have much of a choice. Very prescient, too, on W's wish to treat all the world as his own Iowa. He and Dole were a very different type of candidate than what we now have in Donald Trump--Tom Tancredo with his own billion dollars to spend on the campaign.  We've not had a true conservative since Ronald Reagan. Trump may be the closest thing to it, knowing the Silent Majority has had it with the cultural Marxism of our Alien-in-Chief president, standing up to the forces of liberalism by calling the contemptible racial hucksters for what they are, willing to deport the millions of illegals, not being browbeaten by a white Mexican pimp from Unavision.

There is a tide in the affairs of men pace Julius Caesar. A tide is needed now to resist the Camp of Saints crashing down on us. The country has been inundated by non-white foreigners for decades--the whole point in the 1965 Immigration Act--who disproportionately make use of our generous welfare system, who don't learn English as well as they could, who are not adequately educated, who are taught not to value the host country's culture. We need a forty-year timeout to allow Americanization to occur. And how many more semi-literate 5' 6" leaf-blowers do we need from Mexico and Central America?

My epiphany came with the 1991 booklet by Lawrence Auster, which makes a devastatingly strong case, that Third World mass immigration is a profoundly dangerous development, brought on by the legislation of the mid-1960s. This is what Ann Coulter similarly says in her Adios, America. Here's the crux, in a Vdare reminiscence of Auster a year after his 29 March 2013 death:

Path to National Suicide showed, among other things, how the 1965 Immigration Act applied the attitude behind the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the entire world. If one of the consequences of the CRA was that American blacks were to be treated in effect as American whites' superiors--because whites were to be denied freedom of association--the consequence of the Immigration Act was to make all foreign non-whites legally superior to white American citizens. 

Liberals are really unhinged by The Donald. One is apparently calling for his assassination. Another is plainly obsessed and spouting off irrationally. Start here and work your way to the right. And a third, posing as a conservative, has an analysis that the liberal (Jonathan Chait) finds exceptionally compelling. I'll never forgive chestless Rich Lowry for cutting National Review's ties with John Derbyshire for the offense, like Kent in King Lear, of telling the painful truth.
The former mid-1990s Boy Wonder editor of TNR agreeing with the early-1990s Boy Wonder editor of NR? Hmm. Establishment types circling the wagons? A Trump campaign victory, especially in the general election, would erase the Beltway consultant class playbook. It would be revolutionary.

Supporters of Trump? Haters in the grand ole American tradition of the paranoid style of politics a la Richard Hofstadter. Such is the message of a New Yorker piece. Easy to dismiss by the Hive Mind.

Substantive, debatable, even data-driven opinions are largely ignored, says Jared Taylor after multiple interviews in his Virginia home by the shoddy New Yorker writer. Taylor, in fact, has political analyses that are head and shoulders above what the big names have done in the Lame PC Media. Here is his take on the coming national election, which I share:

A New Initiative

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I have to admit that I spent some time thinking about this, wondering if it were just comedy or whether it might actually work. The more I pondered the issue the more I came to believe it just might work. Just what is "it"?

Call it the "Some Asshole Initiative."

What is the initiative? To paraphrase the source (linked above), it is means by which we diminish, if not eliminate glorifying someone when they kill a bunch of people. This makes sense considering what we've seen after mass shootings - the shooter's name on every TV, radio, and other media outlet. The schmuck becomes a notorious celebrity, with the level of that celebrity being dependent upon how many people he/she snuffed before being stopped. (I am making sure we don't ignore the female contingent of the human race, seeing as they make up over 50% of the population.) The name the media blasts across the airwaves almost always includes the middle name even if no one had ever used it before this miscreant committed their crime. They get their so-called 15 minutes of fame even if it lasts for much more than 15 minutes.

So how does this initiative work? It's simple, really.

Al we do is make sure none of these jokers are ever mentioned by name in the media. We strip them of their identity and hence their infamy because no one will really know who committed the heinous crime until after all the brouhaha has faded away. He/she will only be referred to as "some asshole." There will be no mention of their name, gender, race, religious or political affiliation, national origin, or favorite sports team (if any). There would be no mention of the miscreant's family, upbringing, hometown, no pictures, no interview with friends or family.

Let's use a recent event to illustrate how this would work, in this case the killing of two TV journalists on live TV. It would go something like this:

Viewers of WDBJ, a small CBS affiliate in Moneta, Virginia, watched in horror this morning as Vester Lee Flanigan II some asshole shot dead 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, on live TV as the two were filming a light-hearted segment at 6:45am.

After carrying out the shocking on-air execution, Flanigan the asshole rented a car at the airport and then started driving east.

Police finally cornered Flanigan the asshole just before noon, about three hours northeast, in Fauquier County, Virginia, but he refused to stop and sped away from troopers.

Flanigan The asshole then crashed the car off the road and when police surrounded the vehicle, they found him suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound.

See? Isn't that much better? No one would know who he was until after everything had calmed down a few days later. There would be no hand wringing over the murdering wacko nutcase. Any focus would be on the victims and the perpetrator would be relegated to anonymity until well after the media frenzy faded away, just as it should be.
Julian Edelman, who I learn is Jewish, is my new favorite player, surpassing Marcus Rush, the scrappy, four-year Michigan State unheralded starter making positive waves, trying to earn a spot on the San Francisco 49ers. The video of Edelman's recent trip to Israel--before the start of training camp--is the coolest thing I've seen since my teenage years seeing this music video.

Edelman is the budding white superstar, coming from no-where (he was a seventh-round QB from Kent State), because of his hard work, blistering quickness, high intelligence, warrior heart, and good looks. My wife will love to see this. And I annoy her with all my pro-Jewishness.

I just may convert one of these years.
I guess there'll be pushback against the mantra that the only lives that matter are black lives, aka, "black lives matter."

A few days ago a far-Left SJW at the Huffington Post called incoherently for "white wounding." Whatever that loaded term means is unclear. It's fitting that Paul Ramsey sardonically--in strong language--says "he got his wish" with the tragic shooting in Virginia yesterday by the extraordinarily untalented TV reporter looking for racism under every rock to mask his obvious inadequacies and filled with growing rage, which found a convenient lightning rod in the current anti-white climate nurtured by the media.

Have you heard of the story about the Denver airport nixing Chick-fil-A for its religious opposition to same-sex marriage? (See Chan's entry below.) It's now officially part of a pattern. Jonathan Adler writes:

This is not the first time we've seen political leaders seek to impose a political litmus test on business owners. Eugene Volokh blogged about politicians in Chicago and Boston threatening to deny Chick-fil-A permits for the same stated reasons. The problem, as he explained here, is that such actions constitute unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination under the First Amendment.
HT: Overlawyered: "A cultural war that allows no concessions." Nice double entendre there.
Nightmare scenario. Read it. This is apparently making national news--unlike the typical non-reporting on the national level of black-on-white criminality--since the white family is incredibly photogenic. The circumstances may also contribute to reporting it. The family had just returned from a trip and were being good samaritans by opening their door to hear the bogus plight from the black punk of car troubles leaving him stranded.

Thoughts On A Sunday

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The heat has left us, though the humidity remains here in the Lakes Region. Not that I'm complaining. All I have to do is remember what it was like here last January and any thought of complaining about the summer weather disappears.


There was a crisis here at The Manse last night, that being BeezleBub and Horse Girl having decided to go their separate ways. He tried to put up a good front, but it was evident he was devastated by it even though both had seen this coming for some time.

At best all the missus and I can do is be there for him. There are no words that will make the heartache go away. In the end, this is something he has to work through.

I have never felt so useless as a parent knowing there's nothing either Deb or I can do to help him feel better. I also won't waste his time with lame words of advice that will give no comfort.

Sometimes it sucks growing up.


The Denver City Council is flexing its politically correct muscle, trying to decide if they can get away with banning Chik-fil-A from Denver International Airport because of the corporation's stand for traditional marriage.

Who's being discriminatory now? It sure as heck isn't Chick-fil-A.

If they're willing to ban one business because it disagrees with the City Council's philosophies, how long before they go after other businesses because they don't conform with the Council's bigoted and close-minded ideology?

Maybe it's time to start boycotting Denver until the self-righteous members of the Council are voted out of office. The last thing this country needs is yet another Portlandia.


Actress Ellen Page found out the hard way she should not get involved in a debate with Ted Cruz as he totally pwned her on the subject of gay rights, religious freedom, and the fact she wants the government to force people to do business that goes against their religious beliefs. That Cruz was the Princeton Debate Champion during his student years certainly gave him the edge. It also didn't help that Ms. Page was woefully unprepared and delusional about what's important.


David Starr reminds us that any form of electronic transaction, transmission, or record is inherently not secure.

There's something to be said for paying cash and retaining paper records. And never ever send anything classified or containing important personal information by e-mail.


I have to agree with The News Junkie on this matter: Why do we fight forest fires?

Have you wondered why the brush and forest fires have been so bad out west recently? Could it be because there were decades of dry fuel waiting to be ignited because we foolishly let it build up rather than letting it burn every few years or so? With so much fuel and the dry conditions, much of the forest and brush land will never recover and the forests won't regenerate. The fires burned so hot that the normally fire-resistant trees and/or seeds didn't survive, meaning there's nothing left to revive the forests once the fires are out. A lot of it will end up becoming prairie, grasslands, and scrub lands.


I find it interesting that people (including the WP Brother-In-Law) keep hammering the Koch Brothers for funding political campaigns but there's not a peep out of those same people decrying the much larger contributions made by Tom Steyer and George Soros that dwarf those made by the Koch's.

Once they start doing that I might start listening to their complaints. Otherwise they're just hypocrites and I won't waste my time listening to them.


Oil prices are still dropping and the question is whether it's the excess supply or the plunging demand that's causing it. The answer is it's both, and it's expected to get worse.

While that will mean lower prices at the pump and for heating oil and propane, it also signals the world's economies are softening. While the US has 'officially' been out of its recession since 2009, in reality it lingered on and on and the economy is still weak. That has negatively affected oil demand even as domestic reserves have skyrocketed.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are trying to jam in one last week of summer vacation before school starts, the seasonal businesses are trying to finish off the summer in the black, and where yet another Monday has arrived too soon.
...He make a big deal about hiring Darren Wilson, who is victimized because of Michael Brown's reckless, out-of-control behavior. Doing that and being so massive--to an on-duty LEO--is asking for BIG trouble. Like being shot. Can't fix stupid.

We're Just That Cool

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By way of Facebook:

Were Just That Cool.jpg
Yes. Yes we are....
If you're looking to improve your shooting skills, particularly with a long gun, the let the Marines show you how to shoot like a Marine sniper.

Shooting with the precision and accuracy of a Marine is a delicate and carefully honed skill. Sporting an M40A5 long range precision sniper rifle, Sgt. Alex Kesler, a scout sniper with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, explains the steps involved in mastering this skull accurately and effectively in a new YouTube video for III Marine Expeditionary Force. Here's how to shoot a sniper rifle like a Marine.

Very cool! I hope to give it a try soon.

Who Are The Racists?

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Here's another great video from Prager University asking one of the important question: Who are the racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

Much of the racism practiced by the guilt-ridden white liberals is "soft racism" like that portrayed in the video above. They believe minorities can't make it without a helping hand, either theirs or others coerced into 'helping'. However the best thing any of us can do for the "poor incapable minorities" is to get out of their way and let them do it themselves because they are capable.

As has happened again and again since the creation of the Great Society programs in 1965, too often that so-called 'helping hand' holds them back rather than lifting them up. The best thing those guilt-ridden white liberals can do is stop 'helping' because, in the end, they aren't helping anything. They're just trying to lessen their self-deluded guilt by doing something, even if it's the wrong something and makes things worse in the end.
The following is what college graduates should have heard during their commencement speeches last June. Too bad so many of them are learning the lesson of what it takes to live in the real world the hard way.

Of course I expect that if someone ever tried to give such a commencement speech too many of the graduating students would either plug their ears and scream "I'm not listening!" over and over again, or they would swoon and faint away.

Poor fragile snowflakes!

The group that really needs to hear this are the high school students looking to attend college next year.
With all that working, I filed for a tax extension. Paid our taxes today. Even with four children, we still owed the KGB IRS a little over three grand. Lovely, just lovely.

More work equals higher rate of taxation, one of the Planks of the Communist Manifesto. It's true. Google it for yourself.

With 72,000 Pages of tax code, which no one understands, I agree with Rubio and Paul on having a flat tax. Even candidate Obama talked n 2008 about streamlining the tax code, something he's done absolutely nothing about. Thanks to Steve Forbes for first introducing the flat tax.

Until that mythical innovation goes into effect, I feel like many other hard-working citizens. A sucker.
Talk about hypotheses failing the observation test! This chart has been making the rounds. Has it graced our blog yet?

Thoughts On A Sunday

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A fortuitous event allowed Deb, BeezleBub and I to attend Bob Marley's Campapalooza show over at out local concert venue last night. Deb was a little reluctant to go, but once there she had a wonderful time, as did BeezleBub and I.

If you're looking for good, solid New England Yankee humor, then Bob Marley ios one fellow that can provide it.


This weekend also brought us the annual Timberman Triathlon, a qualifier for the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii. This has grown every year since its inception in 2000 and now brings in a large numbers of international competitors. The course takes the competitors through four towns, with the swimming portion of the race plying through 1.2 miles along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The one downside: it ties up traffic through or little town for a few hours on each day of the weekend. If that's the worst that can be said about it, that's not bad.


Eric the Viking reports to us that Pink Floyd is now officially broken up.

As Eric says, "They realized they suck without Roger Waters."



Glenn Reynolds links to an article that quotes actor John Rhys-Davies talking about the West's reluctance to address Islamic extremism, citing its 'extraordinary silence' over the threat.

Writes Glenn, "He's right, but our ruling class doesn't like judgment, because they know how they'd be judged by those they rule if that were permitted."


Read. The. Whole. Thing.


Who lost Iraq? Obama lost Iraq.

What's worse is that he did it in order to look good in the polls. The Iraqi people are paying the price for our Narcissist-in-Chief's need to be adored by his followers. We had things well in hand and could have helped maintain the cohesion of Iraq, but then Obama abandoned Iraq, painting it as a triumph because "he brought the troops home." No amount of spin is going to be able to make Iraq look like a success...except for ISIS.


The war on men on campus, also known as the "campus rape crisis" has been backfiring on college after college, with male students 'convicted' by the kangaroo courts mandated by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights filing and winning lawsuits against the colleges who have done so and expelled them. That hasn't stopped them from continuing the blatantly unconstitutional practice from continuing, but it's costing them in time, money, and their reputations.

Already some male students have returned to campuses from which they were expelled, the latest being a student a court ordered USC to allow to return to campus after the court found USC's disciplinary process was "lacking in due process, with no hearing, no right to counsel, no rules of evidence, no presumption of innocence, no right to possess copies of witness statements and evidence and no right to confront witnesses against him."

A male student would have more rights if he murdered someone than if someone with whom he had consensual relations decided she regretted the sex and later accused her paramour of sexual assault.

That's the other thing that has me scratching my head. How is a sexual encounter that one may come to regret some time in the future been redefined to equate to rape, a violent crime?

As far as I'm concerned these colleges haven't received nearly the abuse they deserve in regards to these matters, but I have a feeling they will soon.


Neo-neocon digs into the facts about Carly Fiorina and finds she's been ahead of The Donald on a number of issues, including illegal immigration.


On more than one occasion I've read about visiting Europeans commenting upon our ubiquitous 'over use' of air conditioning. More than a few have reminded them that the average summertime temperatures in the US are generally much higher than those seen in most European countries along with much higher humidity.

I heard a pair of young British women I ran across today while out grocery shopping with my wife commenting upon the 'oppressive heat and humidity' here today and what a blessing it was to have the air conditioning in the supermarket. I had to respond, asking if they really thought it was all that bad outside (It was about 85ºF with a dew point of 67ºF, meaning it was quite humid.) They both said they thought it was dreadful and I had to shake my head. I guess we New England Yankees are used to summer weather like we experienced today so A/C isn't quite as necessary as others might think.

It's a good thing these two lovely ladies weren't down in Florida right about now.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the beaches have been full, the lake has been busy with lots of boats, and where the ice cream stand have been doing a booming business.
1. Starting in the early, early 1990s girls started slugging boys, to the sound on the track of a full-grown tuna hitting the ground from twenty-seven stories. No woman hitting a man. I hate it.

2. No explosions. Once, working in a movie theater around 1992, a cinderblock palace of eight screen--it no longer stands, replaced by a Texas steak joint--I realized every d-mn movie featured a fiery ball of flame. Retarded. My minimum wage job came with two perks: free popcorn/soda and free viewings, both of which rotted my insides.

3. No profanity. Such a lazy man's way out to be hip. Get off the marijuana, screen writers, and give me old-time Art, for Christ sakes! Well, say it if it must be said. Not like Michael Keaton in Beetle Juice, so needlessly gratuitous.

N.B. Happy birthday, Hank! Don't try, folks. That's what Charles Bukowski's burial stone reads. Writing is like getting fleas off a dog. One must be patient and let it come to him.

He has good advice on dying and writing. I know I'm middle age since I am now seeing repeat. I embrace what the death-sleep might entail.
I'm sticking with my fear of a mini ice age in our future, which I first read in Newsweek in the 1970s, as an eight-year-old. It was the cover story.

From several months ago there is a great article from the Washington newspaper of record on the April 1815 Mount Tambora eruption on Sumbawa Island in Indonesia, spewing massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, creating the "year without a summer." The visuals are amazing, too. Check it out!

Some years earlier, in 1783, Laki in Iceland turned Europe dark. Great new book An Island on Fire, judging from rankings on Amazon and from the fascinating discussion from the authors interviewed on the John Batchelor Show.

BTW, I am reminded of the importance of Australian scientist Ian Plimer's argument against the group think of catastrophic man-made global warming. An interview from four years ago can be read here. The massive weather changes as a result of Mount Tambora's activity seem to buttress Plimer's claim that volcanoes affect the weather far more than humans.

Anyway, some famous authors sat around the fire in Switzerland during the "summer" in 1816, talking German ghost stories, with the dreary cold rainy weather outside making normal activities impossible. Thus was born Mary Shelley's under-appreciated classic.
In yesterday's editions (8/14/2015) of both papers, the pusillanimous editors couldn't bring themselves to do what Wikipedia does first thing when discussing the "Black Man's CNN," NWA, the musical band whose story has been made into a film.

This is conspicuous oversight by the Gray Lady, with a big story on NWA, as it's been long-established policy in that broadsheet to spell out each and every acronym, regardless of how well known it is. I waited and waited for it. As an English teacher, I've long used this as commendable advice for writers. The urge not to offend, though, trumps everything else.

"That's one small step for a man, er, a person, one small leap for mankind, um, humankind."

Mental Toughness Guru

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I was reading the Michigan State women's volleyball twitter account, and they recently linked to Missouri's. So I went there. Dr. Scotta Morton, a Columbia, Missouri, speaker was recently profiled who gave a presentation to the girls. Some of her quotes on her twitter page are outstanding.

My favorite is the following:

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